Adam Cornforth
Software Engineer

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Adam Cornforth

software engineer

The Printed Cup Company: Order Tracking System

Case Study

Design & Development of an extensive and complex order tracking system for The Paper Cup Company for tracking their (>100) orders every month for bespoke printed cups.


What it does

Responsible for a few thousand customers and thousands of orders (with a few hundred going through per week), the order tracking system is able to allow Sales and Manufacturing to quickly add design briefs, artwork, and orders to the system and to be able to quickly track their status and push them through the manufacturing process.

In addition to this, customers may also log in to the system to track their design briefs and orders, and to also approve artwork for production.


Tracking Orders & Manufacture

The factory workers can track the orders in the system and work out what orders need to go out on what day, and change the status of the orders simply by clicking on them on the calendar.

They can also keep track of the order artworks as well — the tracking system allows for quick order artwork preview.

Customer Areas

Artwork & Order Tracking

The user can login to view one order directly (just by using their customer number and brief reference), or they can login and view their entire design brief and order history.

The user can look at their design brief artwork, approve artwork for production, and track all their design brief orders through the system. As you'll notice to the left the system is also responsive and mobile/tablet-ready.

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