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Adam Cornforth

software engineer

Final Year Project: Smart Environment Toolkit

Case Study

The Smart Environment Toolkit (SET) utilises embedded, programmable devices (Java Sun SPOTs) to achieve its goal, and is configurable using a web front-end built using the Laravel 4 PHP framework and jQuery.

Overview Video

Features Roundup

Below is a video that demonstrates the features of the Smart Environment Toolkit.

Device Configuration

Setting up the embedded devices

The system automatically detects any newly powered on Sun SPOTs and adds them to their smart environment.

Following this, the user can then choose what that SPOT is responsible for tracking, and what data to track. The user can choose to track data at set intervals, or when data readings hit certain thresholds (e.g. light goes above 10Iv, temperature below 30).

Actuator Control

Triggering environment devices

Actuators refer to devices that can be controlled by the SET in a smart way. This includes hardware such as LED lights, alarm sounders, fans, etc.

Conditions can be set that link to the previously configured Sun SPOTs and can be used to trigger the system actuators if certain reading values are met, such as a fridge door opening, the temperature dropping, or a light turning on.

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